NOW Hiring !

Looking for a friendly, professional Virtual Assistant.

I am expanding my global network marketing business. I work primarily with women entrepreneurs and
women looking to improve their lives.

Estimated hours –

Five hours per week, with growth opportunities as we move into 2020 and your role expands. These hours
will be required for Monday and Friday 3pm to 5.30pm. These times are flexible, however there must be
an hour time slot for face to face conversation (can be done on Zoom).

Skills required –

Advanced working experience of Facebook, Instagram and Canva.
Advanced working experience in Copywriting.
Advanced working experience in Sales Funnels and Automation for lead generating in Mailchimp.
Ability to use WordPress website.

Duties will include –

  • Creating and scheduling posts on Facebook, Instagram and using Canva Social media templates.
  • Running sponsored Ads.
  • Skilfully creating engaging content using your copywriting skills.
  • Creating a series of emails as part of a sales funnel for lead generation.
  • Updating blog entries into WordPress website.
  • Other admin duties like – creating filing systems, keeping all work in an organised manner.

Culture of role –

Solutions orientated, excellent communication, mindful of others, maintaining professionalism, being smart
with time and also taking time to be accurate and joyful.

Qualities –

Ability to have a positive outlook, has great ownership and self-responsibility, has high standards of
integrity, honesty and commitment.

You find completing tasks rewarding, and are motivated to create quality over quantity. You find it highly
satisfying to have ticked of to do’s.

Must be able to work to efficiently to produce results in timely manner.

Would suit someone who already has a business in this field with stable client base, and is able to handle
working for multiple clients at once.


Please send a 1-2 page letter with an introduction of yourself and your experience as per the description
above.  Please include your current employment status or details of your business.
Please address letters to Rebecca. Letter in PDF only. Word documents will not be accepted. Please use the
subject line ‘Virtual Assistant Role’ only. Send to